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The health, comfort and safety of Seattle businesses can be dependent on the performance and efficiency of their generators. If your aging generator can’t keep up with the Seattle climate or it’s costing you an arm and a every time you go to use it, it’s may time for a service or possible replacement.

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Considering a backup power system for your Seattle commercial facility?

W E Electric specializes in the installation of commercial and industrial generators of all sizes!


Recent Commercial Generator Projects, Seattle WA.

From system design and permitting to generator startup our 01 Certified Electricians possess the tools and knowledge to install any size generator that your facility may require. Call us today at 425-508-6382 and schedule your free, on-site consultation.

Perhaps you already have a commercial generator in place and require service or repair? Although we specialize in Kohler and Onan, we sell, Install, and service any make and model of generator currently offered or in service.

W E Electric, Generator Service Agreement Program

Once your generator installation or service is complete, the last thing to be considered is the W E Electric, Generator Service Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to relieve you of the responsibility of recalling the exact annual service date for your generator as well as the need to call and schedule the service itself. There is no monetary obligation up front and the agreement can be cancelled at any time. Upon enrollment in the program, A W E Electric representative will simply contact you when it is time to perform the unit’s annual service. Regardless of your participation in the program, the annual service must be performed in order to successfully maintain the unit’s warranty.

Preventative maintenance and why it is important for your generator.

Generators are extremely reliable, long lasting machines typically outlasting the lifespan of most internal combustion engines. Typical standby generators can last from 10,000 to 30,000 hours only operating 20 to 30 hours a year. This results in a lifespan of up to 30 years. But because generators operate in a unique environment where they aren’t used regularly on a daily basis, they have special maintenance needs to keep them operating reliably when you need them.

Preventative maintenance service plays an important role keeping your generator running smoothly. The frequency of preventative maintenance service depends on the average running time of the generator and the environment the generator is operating in. For instance, longer running times and more extreme air temperatures (hot or cold) the more frequently service may be needed.

We follow OEM recommended maintenance schedules for our preventative maintenance services. We will perform a general inspection of the unit, understand your unit’s typical workload & operating environment and provide you with a recommendation for scheduled inspections and service. Common inspections include checking the following systems:

  1. Fuel system (diesel fuel requires more maintenance)
  2. Coolant system
  3. Lubrication system
  4. Air system (combustion and cooling air)
  5. Starting system (batteries and charger)
  6. Alternator (a frequently overlooked item)
  7. Transfer switch (another often-overlooked item)

Upon completion of the initial inspection, we will recommend weekly, monthly, bi-annual and/or annual inspections. Contact us to schedule the service or to learn more about our preventative maintenance services.

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