Commercial & Industrial Thermal Imaging Services

WE•IRD is pleased to offer the following commercial & industrial thermal imaging services

What is a “Predictive maintenance program” and how can it benefit my business?

A “Predictive Maintenance Program” or PdM for short, is a program designed to annually/bi-annually monitor and record the performance of key electrical and mechanical components of a business’s operational systems. The key benefits of such a program are avoiding unscheduled maintenance, costly downtime, and identifying potentially catastrophic failures before they occur.

By identifying systemic deficiencies and recognizing their resulting trends corrections may be applied refining processes and increasing productivity.

*Many Insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that actively participate in a PdM program! Check with yours today!

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of a buildings integrity identifying any structural damage as the result of possible water intrusion, air infiltration/exfiltration, and structural or construction defects.
A less comprehensive approach than a PdM, Pin point testing of the following electrical and mechanical systems on an as needed basis will accomplish the same tasks in identifying any potential failures avoiding costly downtime, life safety hazards and equipment damage. Listed below are a few of the electrical and mechanical components/systems most commonly tested:


  • Motor Control Centers (MCC’s)
  • Power generation inspections
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC’s)
  • Electric motors, shafts and bearings
  • Distribution panels
  • Disconnects
  • UPS & battery backup systems


  • Motors, shafts, bearings, belts, chain drives, couplings, conveyor systems
  • Process equipment
  • Insulation integrity
  • Hydraulic systems, piping systems, air transport systems
  • HVAC heating and cooling coils, heating equipment
  • Heat ventilation air conditioning equipment evaluation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam traps
  • Locate radiant in-floor & in-wall heating

Thermal imaging is a hands off, non invasive, non destructive method of quickly and accurately identifying structural defects and abnormalities. It is equally effective in identifying potentially hazardous conditions prior to failure. This technology has almost eliminated the need for Destructive testing. Destructive testing is a process whereas building components are removed in an effort to search for defects that are causing a dangerous or damaging condition within the structural components. In some instances, destructive testing can involve removal of entire walls, roof sections, siding, window frames, etc before a source of the defect is discovered. Sometimes the origin of the problem is never clearly defined. Destructive testing is an extremely expensive and terribly invasive process. It is not uncommon to displace the structures occupants for the duration of the investigation.